From the outset, our proposal diverts from the idea that a new formal tent typology is required to satisfy the prompt. Instead, we look to create a spatial reinterpretation of the existing unitized infrastructure used at Socrates Sculpture Park: The off-the-shelf 8x8 event tent.

Event tents are immediately recognized as an emblem of community activity. Their presence reinforces a connection between park and user. It’s ironic then that the least aesthetically pleasing element is one that signifies the most direct interactions between people, staff, art and the landscape. While event tents do embody the concept of Socrates as a “cultural commons for the people,” their use as such is limited by their ability to support a variety of cultural exchanges. Our proposal seeks to leverage their position as a venue for exchange and expand the notion of tent as singular unit to tent as spatial assembly.

Renderings by Resituated

Submission for Socrates Sculpture Park and The Architectural League Folly/Function 2017