The point of departure for this project was the idea that a spatial organization could be defined by an existing architectural element. Ceiling grid and 2x4 lay-in fluorescent fixtures were retained and re-purposed as a datum for the project. Slicing both ends of the rectangular space allowed two areas of roof structure to be exposed. These areas were painted dark gray, allowing the white interior of the suspended ceiling office space to appear as a freestanding element within the dark gray backdrop. Each residual end of the plan was then able to accommodate a free-form activity required by the program. From the street below, the painted fascia appears to complete a triangular window condition, allowing an internal marquee to be seen from both streets. 


Project Team

Architects: Resituated

Code/Zoning: Agouti Construction Consulting LLC

Construction: Elite Express Construction

Photos:  Resituated

Completed, 2016. Brooklyn, NY.